please japan hair zayn was tragic

you know what’s tragic? this stale ass, dry ass, crusty ass, dusty ass, irrelevant ass, booty ass, crumbs at the bottom of a hot cheeto bag ass, when a charger wearing a turtleneck ass, stepping in a pile of mud when ya got new J’s on ass, musty ass opinion

invest in some gotdamn glasses and learn to love yourself



nothing can come between you and i


nothing can come between you and i


*talking to white*
me: hey montgomery we’re friends right? can i ask you a question?
timothy: my name is actually chester but yes
me: why did you pass the chinese
exclusion act in 1882


there comes a time where a hero must rise up 


there comes a time where a hero must rise up 

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when is louis going to show off his collarbones again?????

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"I need Jesus? Coming from a girl who masturbates to gay One Direction fanfiction."
— Quotes from my shitty ex-boyfriend


dermatologists hate him!image


Keith Olbermann gives an intro on how women are treated in sports. And then ethers the fuck out of the NFL for only suspending Ray Rice 2 games after knocking his wife out in an elevator.


The sooner people actually learn what gender and sexuality are and how they are different, the sooner dumb text posts about defending Harry’s masculinity and equally dumb text posts insisting harry is female because of nail polish and long hair will stop.

Anonymous asked: "Why people call them 'Dream Team'? Is it a thing?"


It is most definitely a thing! Individually they’re great and all, but together they are unstoppable. When you put their minds together and combine it with the insane chemistry they have, Harry and Louis are the perfect duo

They’re sneaky little menaces

Football mates

They trust each other

Great support system

They team up against the other boys

They’re so in sync with each other they defy science

They organize acapella performances

And when they walk side by side they OWN THE WORLD